How many did you have?
A Roman centurion rides through the night, heading home from a party. A police officer stops him. Centurion: What seems to be the problem Officer? Officer: Good evening Centurion. Constitutio and license please. Officer: Speeding, were we over there? Centurion: I was riding at the speed limit, Officer. Officer: Are you returning from an orgy? Looks like you have been drinking. Centurion: No, Officer. Officer: How many are these (shows the index finger)? Centurion: One (I) Officer: How many are these (shows index and middle finger)? Centurion: Five (V) Officer: Ok. Go home and ride carefully. ------ If you don't get it you probably need to revisit roman letters. Thanks to jqs for police man ascii http://www.geocities.com/spunk1111/men.htm

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