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What is an animasci?

Animascis are text animations, like short movies made out of text. You probably use smileys or emoticons in your written communications and people have made ascii art very similar to animascis.

Description of services

Animasci is a web platform for creating and sharing animations created with text. Operation is currently experimental and we cannot guarantee that it always works correctly and as expected.


Everything on animasci is free.

Data privacy

We do not store anything about you other than what you submit yourself:

  • Animations you created either privately or publicly
  • In case you create a user account, we store the email associated with your user account
  • This site uses cookies and Google Analytics

Ownership of animascis

Animascis which you create privately belong to you, only you and nobody else - not even us. When you publish an animasci by making it publicly available on this website, you do this under the Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 license which means that other people or companies are allowed to use your animascis provided they credit you for it.


This is a private site run by George Georgovassilis.

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